Chinese New Year: 2018 The Year of the Dog

Your Chinese Astrological Zodiac Animal Sign is based on your Chinese Lunar Year of Birth. The Chinese New Year varies and could start anywhere between January 21st and February 20th, depending upon the year. This year begins on February 16th.

If your birthdate falls into any of these Chinese Lunar Years listed below, then you are said to be born in the Year of the Dog:

2/14/1934 to 2/3/1935

2/2/1946 to 1/21/1947

2/18/1958 to 2/7/1959

2/6/1970 to 1/26/1971

1/25/1982 to 2/12/1983

2/10/1994 to 1/30/1995

1/29/2006 to 2/17/2007

2/16/2018 to 2/4/2019

It is said that Dogs are friendly and are always up front about their feelings. They are very family-oriented and are extremely loyal to their friends. They will fight for a cause they feel is just. They are not comfortable around extravagant wealth, and prefer a loving home regardless of social status. Once you befriend a dog, they will be by your side for life. They are monogamous, and tend to choose their partners wisely. They work hard and play hard, and know when it is appropriate to be doing one or the other. They are good providers to those they love.

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