Events that Happened in November

Boulder City Wine Walk had 351 participants November 9th. We were sharing our insight with questions asked and committing some time to the community wellbeing. Through the event, we got to talk with members of the Boulder City community from various areas and build a stronger community relationship. While we may not have had the best 80’s themed costume, we did have a great time.

We conducted MANDT training over the week of the November 11th- 15th to improve our internal capabilities to align with our end goals of the best possible care across the continuum of care. There are new aspects to how we interact with the growing trends of behavioral science so that we ensure that our residents are treated with the utmost care. This increases our readiness so that we are leading the pack in trends for care in the greater Las Vegas area. While we may be smaller in the larger scheme of things by size alone, our care practices have grown to earn us more renown in the area with better quality measures coming into play every day to exceed the standards.

Thanksgiving Dinner happened on the November 24th and we have a meal to remember, as always. There was be a great time for all to enjoy the family that we are part of in the facility and community. This year there was music, festivities and great food to share with all our family. We’re looking forward, as always, to outshine years past and with the uplifted moral in the facility and dedication to a stronger staff than ever we are poised to do just that.

Recent success in the facility focuses around helping get family closer to where it needs to be. We have bee working diligently to get a transplant Las Vegas resident closer to a missing element of her recovery, family. Through tireless efforts of the staff, especially social work and nursing we are about to transfer Mrs. Virginia T. back to Michigan to be closer to her siblings. After a year she has gotten to where going back to the home she left years ago is an option again. We hope all goes well on her journey and that we can continue to get our residents to the end goals they have, regardless of if they live locally or afar!

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