Letter from the Administrator

“…this too shall pass.” How many times have we caught ourselves saying that over the past year? Well, I think that we are very close to coming out the other side. Our winter is turning into spring; full moons continue to come and go; and the monthly bills keep coming. What am I talking about? I’m talking about returning to some kind of normalcy in our lives. It’s tax season and that hasn’t changed. Our families love us and that hasn’t changed either. Moving on in our world includes continuing to provide the best of care to our residents by the best of nursing, housekeeping, dietary, and other support professionals as possible.

Looking into March we find so many fun events waiting for us; so many things to celebrate. Daylight Savings Time on the 14th; we’ll lose an hour but gain daylight. And Spring on the 20th. Extra special celebrations include National Oreo Day, March 6th; St. Patrick’s Day, March 17 with corned beef and cabbage; and Strawberry day, March 21st. So much fun awaits us in March.

Mountain View Care Center has unfortunately been through a type of lockdown since Covid 19 reared its ugly head early in 2020. Now that our staff and residents have been offered the Covid vaccine, we will slowly begin to get back to some normalcy though we don’t know exactly what that looks like. Our Restorative Dining will be back soon; residents (one at a time) will be able to go out on approved appointments; and maybe just maybe we can begin some family visiting. Stay tuned for more good news from Mountain View Care Center.

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