Letter from the Administrator

Mountain View Care Center has a unique opportunity to share our superheroes. This year has brought a different set of challenges and I must say I am very proud of the staff and how well they manage the stress and ever evolving changes to regulations. The stress that staff have endured from having their families not working, quarantined or having to pick up extra shifts is heavy, but they continue to endure.

Please help me celebrate my nurses on May 7-11, National Nursing Home Week. They deserve it and continue to show up and provide extra patient care and compassion.

On May 13th-19th is Nursing Home Week. We should all rejoice in the accomplishment our facility has maintained and achieved this past year. We continue to be Covid free and our Residents, despite the extra isolation, are doing well. They are certainly survivors.

And finally, our Facility really appreciates the town of Boulder City and the support they have shown us during this difficult time. This Administrator is proud to call Boulder City a wonderful place to work.

Laurie Hassen
Administrator of Mountain View Care Center

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