Message From the Activities Department

When you think about December what do you picture?

It might be a gift you received or gave or twinkling lights on a tree. For our residents, most think about their family traditions and activities they shared with loved ones. Holiday traditions can vary widely from family to family, but they bring us closer together and remind us what’s really important. The best traditions are those that are not only fun but also fill our hearts with love and remind us being together with our residents during this time is what really matters the most.

 – Kellen Anderson – Activities Director

Our special events for this month include:

  • Nat’l Rosa Parks Day Dec 1st
  • Nat’l Cookie Day Dec 4th
  • Spirit Week Dec 6th-10th
  • Church Carols/Nat’l Cupcake Day Dec 15th
  • Twin Day Dec 18th
  • Our Resident Chef Selection Dec 21st
  • Gift Passing on Dec 24th
  • Resident New Year’s Eve Party Dec 31st

December 2021 Activities Calendar

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