Train Your Brain Day on October 13

— We always hear about the health benefits of adding physical exercise into our daily routine, but what about exercising our brains? Keep your mind sharp by challenging yourself with brainteasers, trying new activities, and trivia. Here are some suggestions for staying sharp, or training your brain to get even sharper! Play online or download apps... Read More

Try Meatless Mondays during Vegetarian Month

— The meatless meal movement initially began during World War I when meat was scarce and was revitalized during WWII, so more meat could be allocated to the war effort. This meatless meal idea was once again revived in the early 2000s as “Meatless Mondays,” a health-focused marketing campaign for the USDA. The campaign centered on... Read More

Message From the Social Services Department

— Greetings residents, families, staff, and community members. October is Emotional Awareness Month. Some signs or symptoms of depression are loss of appetite, weight loss, abnormal sleep patterns, and lack of energy. Here at Mountain View Care Center we have trained staff to be aware of these signs and treat accordingly. Residents can always talk to... Read More

Grandparents Day: September 12

— Marian McQuade first brainstormed the idea of honoring the elderly with a “Grandparents Day,” which later became a nationally recognized holiday in 1978. McQuade, the original founder of Grandparents Day, was the mother to 15 children, grandmother to 40, and great-grandmother to 15. Grandparents can have a profound effect on a child’s upbringing. Without the... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— Greetings residents, families, staff, and community members. I want to thank you all in advance for your cooperation in following our Infection Control Policies. Due to the Clark County Covid positivity rate rising back above 10%, we’ve had to return to twice per week testing for unvaccinated staff and are restricting visitation for family members.... Read More

Spotlight on Dining Services

— We are excited to be able to enjoy eating as a group in the Dining Room again. We have been serving all meals in the Dining Room, still socially- distanced but among our friends. We have begun having our Resident Choice Meals and Chef Selection Meals. These special meals have received a warm welcome back... Read More

Watercolor Month

— Here are some of the best reasons to try watercolor painting: It is easy – when compared to other types of painting, watercolor painting is really easy and you can expect better results in a very short time. It is fast – there are certain techniques that you should learn in watercolor painting. Once you... Read More